Rose Quartz Cakery creates all cakes lovingly from scratch.  We use high quality ingredients to ensure your cake will be delicious.  Cake flavor is something we take to heart, so every flavor on our menu was thoughtfully created and inspired by a cherished memory or unforgettable experience.  

We use swiss meringue buttercream as a filling in all of our cakes.  It's ability to be infused with almost any flavor enables us to create unique cake and french macaron flavors.

All of our cakes are encased in chocolate or white chocolate ganache.  This protects the cake innards so they can withstand warmer temperatures and uphold its shape.  Whichever ganache you choose will be sure to compliment any cake flavor.

Since we specialize in fondant cakes, it's only right that our fondant is made by us as well.  You can even say it's made to order.  We roll out our fondant thin, so you can actually enjoy eating it.  Fondant is the base for the majority of our designs because it gives us a blank canvas to create the cake you've always envisioned.


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